Our Villa Holiday to Moraira

Our Villa Holiday to Moraira — Perfection under the Sun

My husband and I had been talking about a holiday to Spain for years. For a variety of reasons we had put it off several times. This summer we decided to finally make it a reality. Being fond of warm oceanfront climates, we settled on Moraira as our destination.

From the moment that we arrived at our destination, to the very last moment as we boarded our plane back home, we cherished having chosen Moraira for our holiday. Located on the famous Costa Blanca strip on the Spanish Mediterranean, it is a superb spot for those seeking to combine the joys of leisure, luxury and adventure.


What struck us immediately upon our arrival, was the plush villa that served as our accommodations during our stay. While we were impressed with the villa when we had reserved it online, nothing could’ve prepared us for how truly magnificent it would be until we arrived.

Situated with majestic sea views and of the town of Moraira itself, it provided us with comfort and understated luxury. Our villa, with its private pool, allowed us moments that are truly incomparable. I can still feel the evening breeze over my face as we sat poolside, enjoying a cocktail planning where we would have a late evening dinner.

Our villa in Moraira offered us an opportunity to enjoy a robust sampling of fabulous cuisine. From fresh seafood, to fine Continental cuisine, there was no shortage of choices. The quaintness of the local Moraira market held on Friday mornings even inspired me to cook up a fabulous lunch for ourselves. With the fully equipped kitchen and poolside barbecue found in our villa, even cooking became a pleasure in Moraira.



The warmness of the local townspeople is genuine and friendly. In fact, in spite of the many offerings available, I found simple strolls through town one of the most rewarding experiences of the whole trip. We even bumped into a few expats who were living permanently in Moraira.

Of course, a holiday in Moraira is not just idling time away in your villa, regardless of how comfortable and luxurious it may be. My husband, a real golf aficionado, reserved a tee time for us at the Ifach Golf Club. Located just outside of town, this 9-hole course was described as “sufficiently challenging” by my husband. I, personally, was impressed by the wonderful sea views that it had. The club house overlooks the course and offered views of the Mediterranean that were spectacular. We had a late lunch there before returning to our villa.

Afternoons in Moraira, especially in summer, can be a tad warm. Fortunately, the air conditioning of our villa was just perfect. This made the villa a fabulous place to recharge our ourselves and to plan our evenings. By the second day of our villa holiday to Moraira we were both getting in sync with the Spanish lifestyle — make the most of the mornings, rest and recharge in the late afternoon and be ready for excitement throughout the evening.



Among the more physical and adventurous distractions that we partook of were the water sports. We went jet skiing, something I had always wanted to do. My husband even went scuba diving. That was a little too adventurous for me, so I sedately enjoyed Moraira beach as he went off and scuba dived.

On our next to last day there, we took a little day trip to the Algar waterfalls. Less than an hour’s drive from our villa it was well worth the drive. The surroundings were true examples of unspoiled nature. The sound of the water and the splendor of the natural pools where the falls emptied made taking a dip nearly mandatory. Fortunately, we brought our bathing suits. The waters were cold, but refreshing.

Our villa made the day trip to the waterfalls — and the other one that we spent on a rented yacht idly cruising the Mediterranean — even sweeter. When we returned from these day excursions it truly felt as if we were coming home. Everything we needed was there, just like home — only fancier.

For us, our holiday in Moraira was beyond measure. The combination of the quality and comfort of our luxurious villa, the overall setting and ambiance of the town, the natural splendor of the surroundings, and the warmth of the local people made it the holiday experience by which I will judge all future holidays.


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